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Kiwii4Matt's LJ

....History always repeats itself....

12 May 1983
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...History always repeats itself....
It can not be hindered...
it is inevitable..

I'm a 23 year old high school teacher... and no, im not ugly smell like dust and wear big glasses... well.. i DO wear glasses on occassion to read but hey, i cant help it! *holds hands up in defense* Anyway, I like to make new friends all the time, so drop me a comment sometime.

I do believe in God, but that's it. I don't have a religion and I do believe that Jesus was infact a person, but the savior? I don't know. I'm kind iffy when it comesto that, I need some proof.

Fate... I am a big believer in meeting people for a reason.

Did I forget to mention that I love history?

Also, I LOVE FullMetal Alchemist and Hellsing as long as the old Transformers.. (don't ask)


Maes Hughes is in heaven playing chess with Spike Spiegle love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu